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Top 8 Challenges Affecting the Digital Travel Industry, Right Now

Here are the top eight challenges affecting the travel industry right now, and some of the solutions that are being proposed to overcome them.

Top 7 Solutions Digital Marketers in Travel Are Seeking in 2019

Let's consider the top seven digital solutions travel marketers are seeking in 2019 and look at some of the third-party companies they're leveraging to provide them.

Audi On Demand Is Giving Motorists New and Convenient Ways to Get Behind the Wheel

Delivering vehicles is no small task, but with its new concierge service, Audi is making sure its rental customers have access to high-quality vehicles of all shapes and sizes, for business and pleasure, wherever they may find themselves.

Marriott International Uses Social Media and Influencer Marketing to Broaden Its Audience in India

Marriott International has a global reputation for the culinary expertise of its staff. The AXN Marriott Challenge aims to bring together all its chefs in India and encourage them to demonstrate their best cooking skills within a tight timeframe.

How BLADE Is Combining Image and Aviation to Make Flying Stylish Again

BLADE has become known as the 'Uber of Helicopters' and is the largest arranger of helicopter flights for civilian travel in the US. The company has just launched a 5-minute service that operates between Manhattan and New York and is tapping into the current on-demand transportation market, targeting young commuters.

Norwegian Airlines Is Using Machine Learning and Automation to Boost Bookings

Norwegian Airlines is a low-cost airline and the largest of its kind in Norway. It's also the third largest Europe and the ninth largest in the world. Now, this massive company is taking bookings to a new level by using machine learning and automation to boost its sales.